Around the drinks

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the trades linked to pubs, restaurants and hotels accounted for more than half of the businesses.

Ancient inns, cabarets and one-eyed bars, then cafés, restaurants and hotels remained essential places of sociability in the villages and small towns of the Périgord. They were places where you could learn the news, talk about politics, open up to the world of the small and large country.

The numerous drinking establishments were supplied by local production units of all types: wine estates throughout the territory, wine merchants, lemonade factories in almost every canton, breweries in Mussidan, Saint Astier and Périgueux and distilleries in Mussidan, Villamblard, Montpon and Périgueux, particularly at the end of the 19th century.

Illustrations :

– Postcard of the Grand Café de Mussidan with a waiter waiting for the customer on the terrace around 1900. 2014.9.372, Chica Collection © Musée André Voulgre

– Postcard of the café de la Gare run by the Villechanoux family in Mussidan in the 1920s. 2014.9.386 Chica Collection © Musée André Voulgre

– Postcard of the buildings of the Allary Distillery of Mussidan around 1920. Liquor factory, wholesale house founded in 1860 with its specialities la Valombreuse, dry Curaçao or walnut water, anisette, Cacao-Chouva cream, Cognac and Raspail. 2014.9.420 (Collection Chica © Musée André Voulgre)

– Advertising poster from the end of the 19th century for the Triple sec Allary, the king of curaçaos, produced in Mussidan. ADD24 11 Fi 149

– Poster advertising the « tonic aperitif » GOW, « superior to the best » produced by the Allary distillery in Mussidan in the 1930s. ADD24 11 Fi 150

– Poster of 1905 for the « hygienic liqueur » of E. Réquier La Gauloise in Périgueux. (ADD24 11 Fi 99)

– Headed paper of the Mussidan wine merchant in the 1920s Gadoffre 2013.2.2.0 (Collection Gadoffre © Musée André Voulgre)

– Head paper of the Clovis Reymond distillery in Villamblard, specialising in fruit in liqueur, punch and grog, Anisador, and Sève de vieille fine in the 1930’s. © Private collection

– Postcard of the road from Bergerac to Mussidan with a lemonade factory on the left identified by the boxes of bottles stacked on the pavement in front of the workshop. Escarment Collection