Come in !

Come in ! Let Doctor André Voulgre open his doors to his Périgord !

Follow him inside !

You will be able to stroll around his family home, a chartreuse with its outbuildings and its barn. Learn about the evolution of the Périgord society in the Isle Valley from 1830 to the present.

The museum features Dr Voulgre’s lifetime private collection donated to the City of Mussidan in 1971.

Les Amis du Musée, in charge of the museum since its opening in 1977, perpetuate Dr Voulgre’s work up to now & the Communauté de Communes Isle et Crempse en Périgord has managed it since 2017.

This informative tour takes you through 17 rooms. You will learn about the Doctor’s chartreuse and its art de vivre, the Isle Valley, the secrets of the land & of its agricuture, & all about the changes in the Périgord society .

André Voulgre in the 1940s, Voulgre Collection ©André Voulgre museum

André Voulgre on the terrace of the chartreuse in 1920, Voulgre Collection ©André Voulgre museum

A meeting of the Amis du Musée in the chartreuse library in 1977 at the museum opening . Jacques Lachaud, first president of the Amis du Musée and curator of the museum in a black suit on the left. ©André Voulgre museum

1 – The library mirror ©Alain Devise

2 – An accordion

3 – A bride glass globe

4 – A rope binder

5 – A mouldboard plough

6 – An échirlette

7 -An oil jug from Beauronne ©André Voulgre museum