Dr Voulgre, a public figure, a bourgeois, a doctor

André Voulgre was born in Mussidan in 1896 to parents who were first grain merchants then landowners. André Voulgre, an only son, grew up in a middle class family allowing him to undertake medical studies while practising his passion for sports, particularly football and rugby.

In 1916 WW1 ended his studies after his baccalaureate. He took part in the war as an infantry officer and as an airforce pilot.

He finally completed his studies in 1924 with a medical thesis on Jean Rey, a 17th century Périgord doctor. He used his medical skills and his passion for sports through a modern Institute of Physiotherapy and Physical Education for sportsmen and celebrities he created in Bordeaux in 1931, thus ensuring a comfortable income.

– Photo of André Voulgre, military aircraft pilot, in front of a Nieuport 24 biplane fighter, late 1917-1918 © André Voulgre museum

– 3 photos of the Institute of Physiotherapy and Physical Education, 9 cours de Gourgues in Bordeaux 1931-1950 © André Voulgre museum

– Photo of André Voulgre and his Tao bulldog in the 1930s. © André Voulgre museum

– Photo of the winning relay team of the first race run in France in 1920 by Piraule, Cassagnon, Lafitte and Corbineau. « To Dr. Voulgre with the assurance of my respectful sympathy. H. Corbineau  » © André Voulgre museum

– Photo of Jean Rebeyrol, a Bordeaux swimmer who swam across Paris, Brussels and Bordeaux between 1922 and 1926. « For Dr Voulgre, thank you for your good care, 1923 » © André Voulgre museum

– Photo of Marcel Villanfranca, player of the French rugby team at XIII in 1938. « To my friend Doctor Voulgre for his devoted care » © André Voulgre museum

– Photo of Andrée Marcoud, a famous trapeze artist, one of her patients, in 1944. © Musée André Voulgre

– Photo of André Voulgre during a regatta on the Arcachon basin in the 1930s. Photograph by Léo Neveu. © André Voulgre museum