Food preparation

Before cooking food, a whole series of preparatory operations require a great many special utensils: washing, cutting, crushing, mixing and beating, etc. The gastronomy sophistication combines with the development of culinary techniques and technology. Therefore gestures and utensils are being perfected and diversified.


Vegetables, fruit, fish and other foods should of course be washed in water and then wrung out, drained or dried before being prepared.


Multiple cutting methods are available to the cook depending on the food to be prepared. Do you need to cut with a knife, break with tongs, chop with a conventional chopper or a meat grinder, slice into strips, grate or extrude to a precise shape?


Some foods have to be crushed in a mortar to be reduced to a puree or even powder or ground in a mill or pressed to extract the juice.

Mixing and beating

Combinations of different foods or changes in the consistency of the preparation also have their own specific utensils that will improve over time: beaters, stuffing rods or funnels.