Livelihood activities in Gabillou’s time

Under a cold and arid climate, of the Siberian type, as it was 17,000 years ago in Périgord, the men of Cro-Magnon had adapted to this environment and were already exploiting the lithic, plant and animal resources present in this valley. The tools, certainly quite versatile, were used to hunt or transform the materials necessary for daily life. Hunting, fishing and gathering provided food that was heated, dried or stored. Light, in addition to that from the hearth, could be provided by grease lamps or torches for portable lighting in the caves .

Illustrations :

-Pebble survey of the Parrain I site with a concentration of pebbles in Q13 having been interpreted as a possible drying area. Drawing by Jean Gaussen.

-Pebble survey at Parrain Ouest with a hearth located in D3. Drawing Jean-Claude Hésault.

-Naturalized reindeer. Reindeer herds used to roam the Isle valley 17,000 years ago. ©MNP Les Eyzies – cliché Ph. Jugie