Testimony of Jean Vitrac, Jeannot, who joined the resistance on 20 April 1944

« Doublemeter was stationed in a barn not far away. We went to see him. He was there, with at least twenty people. We thus entered this maquis. When we arrived at a farm, I met Roland, Alfred and Arthur. I then stayed with Roland. There were about twenty of us and we had two or three tractors. We would stay a day on a farm and then leave again.

Testimony of Jacques Chapet, Jacques Coeur, who joined the resistance on 18 May 1944

« I knew that there was the Roland group in the area. One night, I left and went to join it a few kilometres away. I joined a group of about thirty people. That was on 18 May.

« Extract from a leaflet found following the attack on a militiaman at his home in Monflanquin (Lot-et- aronne). Operation led by Jean Regazzoni, Jeannot

« On Thursday, 11 May 1944, a group consisting of Jeannot (leader), Francis, Gustave, Yves, Jim, Ali, Olive, Charles, Noël, Ruta, Johnni (these are certainly war names) [sic] attacked the B. castle in Monflanquin. We ordered B. to open the door, he replied with machine gun fire, we replied with machine gun fire, pistols and rifles. After returning, B. still did not show up, so we set fire to the castle, we admit that B. perished in the burning of the castle. Note that for twenty minutes B. rang the castle bell to call for help. But no help came.