The cabinet of archaeological curiosities

Dr. Voulgre’s collection contained a series of flints and antique objects collected by the young André when he went for a run through the countryside. Enriched by donations and above all the deposit of a passionate prehistorian, the small collection became a cabinet of archaeological curiosities covering palaeontology, prehistory and the decorated cave of Gabillou through the work of Jean Gaussen, as well as Antiquity and the figure of Wlgrin de Taillefer, the precursor of Perigordine archaeology.

Illustration :

-Photograph of Doctor Voulgre walking in company to the mound of Saint Géry, « Celtic burial mound » and medieval castle mound. Before 1914.

-Photographs of the garden and inner courtyard of the Voulgre Carthusian monastery in 1968, overflowing with fossils, Beauronne jugs, fragments of ancient monuments, statues.