The cartographer Pierre de Belleyme (1747 in Beauregard and Bassac – 1819 in Paris)

The son of a surgeon from Beauregard and Bassac in the Crempse valley, he was a geographer-engineer for Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI and then for the Republic. Between 1766 and 1789, he carried out surveys and then directed the production and printing of the map of Guyenne known as the Carte de Belleyme, published between 1785 and 1840. In 1791, it was he who presented the New General Map of France, divided into 85 departments to King Louis XVI and the National Assembly. He was appointed head of the topography depot at the Archives de la République. Maintained under the Restoration, he was ennobled by Louis XVIII.

Illustrations :

– Detail of the Map of Guyenne by Pierre de Belleyme centred on the Isle valley, 1785-1840.

– Portrait of Pierre de Belleyme