The patron saint

During the industrialisation of shoe production at the end of the 19th century, certain operations previously carried out by the shoemaker became specialised trades: the shoemaker and the pattern maker in particular.

The pattern maker made the patterns that were used for leather shoe designs. Using the shape of the wooden foot developed by the moulder, he would draw on cardboard the various pieces of leather for the future shoe model. Based on this pattern, the first shoe model was made and the series production of shoes could then begin.

Illustrations :

– Photograph of the owner of the Marbot & Cie factory, Mr Rodrigo, in Neuvic sur l’Isle in 1966. (In Our Bulletin, 1966 © Musée André Voulgre)

– Advertisement for Tharlet & Cie patronages in Paris in Le Franc Parleur,1907.

– Pattern design for the establishment of patterns for different parts of the shoe in Liégeart, Le Manuel du cordonnier,1931