The rooms

The Doctor’s room and the old bedroom are the last two bedrooms of the Carthusian monastery, which had six in 1910, one of which was used for servants. The Doctor’s room from the 1900s is the most modern and comfortable: small stove, large bed, somno, toilet, armchairs. The antique room is furnished with 18th century furniture: a bed with columns, a prayer-card, a wedding chest, a large wardrobe and straw armchairs.

Curiosities in the rooms?

– The salamander or fireplace with visible and continuous fire Deville model DPF 600 in enamelled cast iron, years 1920-1930.

– The bridal globe or casket designed to hold the bridal wreath in orange blossom, end of the 19th century.

– The prie-dieu or oratory with a crowning decoration of the Virgin, end of the 18th c.

– The wall cupboards from an 18th century mansion razed to the ground in 1969 in Mussidan.