The service professions

The professions of home and personal services also developed by adapting to progress and to the new habits of the population.

While old offices disappeared from the trades, new ones were created in response to new and growing demands. The textile craft rapidly evolved in line with urban fashions and in the face of competition from the textile industry with its finer fabrics: the disappearance of the « coarse » sergeants, weavers, lacemakers, saddlers and an increase in the number of tailors, breechmakers and embroiderers at the end of the 19th century.

As regards the home and hygiene, the chimney sweeper, the hairdresser and barber also sold beauty products, the ironer and the washing machine in particular lent their services to the wealthier inhabitants of the small towns.

Illustrations :

– Detail of a postcard with a back ironer walking down the rue de Lyon in Mussidan around 1905 2008.0.253 (Collection Chica ©Musée André Voulgre)

– Postcard of a hairdressing salon on rue de Lyon in Mussidan around 1914. 2014.9.242 (Collection Chica ©Musée André Voulgre)

– Postcard Photo-postcard of the Dupuy hairdressing salon in Mussidan 2014.9.207 (Collection Chica ©Musée André Voulgre)

– Advertisement for the hairdresser Robert Benoît in Périgueux in 1898 ©Musée André Voulgre