The situation of the maquisards on the La Rochelle front. Testimony of Christian Michaud, Zazou

« …], the situation was frankly revolting: faced with a perfectly equipped enemy, we still only had our machine guns! The higher-ups had forgotten all about us, except to review our ranks. But in terms of arms, uniforms and even supplies, zero. A shame! »

FTP company on the La Rochelle front in spring 1944.

Testimony of Henri Rode, maquisard captured during the siege of La Rochelle, 4 November 1944

« We found ourselves surrounded. I was searched and they found my papers, including the one mentioning my commendation [relating to his heroic action at Saint-Front-de-Pradoux on 8 June 1944]. I was considered a terrorist and I was beaten up along with other comrades. I was unrecognisable. I ended up in hospital.

« Surrender of the Germans in La Rochelle. Testimonies of the maquisards Armand Lamothe, Bernard, and Albert Laborie, Théo

« We were forbidden to enter La Rochelle first, because we were not considered real soldiers. Armand Lamothe. « The Germans wanted to surrender to a professional army, because they considered us terrorists. » Albert Laborie.