The Stone Age

At the time of the bequest, a small wooden chest contained without distinction a series of prehistoric stones collected by André Voulgre as a child. They came from the « Stone Age » according to the terminology of the end of the 19th century, which could already be divided into two periods: the Antediluvian or Paleolithic and the Polished Stone Age or Neolithic. The bifaces, the nuclei belonged to the Paleolithic age of cut stone. Axe blanks and axes were shaped in the Polished Stone Age.

The approach of such a vast period (-800,000 years to -4,000 years in France) has evolved profoundly and has been much refined over the last 130 years.

Illustrations :

– Antique weapons in flint and bronze, lithographic plate of antiques 2008.0.67 extract from Alexandre Ducourneau who finished in 1844 the edition of his Guienne historique et monumentale, the first work which was intended to be the history of the province.