The Voulgre family kitchen

This kitchen, like all kitchens all around, is the heart of the house. It revolves around the fireplace, water, the storage room and cooking. The maid is also in charge of the lighting for the whole house.
The evolution of techniques applied to culinary art, the diversification of local products, combined by the cooks expertise, led to the 19th century Périgord cuisine.

Oddities of the Voulgre kitchen :

-The échirlète ( a means to cut thin slices of bread to be dipped in soup) 19th c. (© Museum André Voulgre)
-The oil lamp called lo chalelh, running on walnut oil. 19th c. (© Museum André Voulgre)
-The water filter to get pure water by porosity, 18th-19th c. (© Museum André Voulgre)
-The salt chair used to store salt placed near the fireplace, 18th c. (© Museum André Voulgre)