The Voulgre family

Mother of André Voulgre : Virginie Madeleine Dupuy (1871-1962)

Father of André Voulgre : Siméon François, (1866 in Le Pizou – 1954 Mussidan) son of Léonard Voulgre, husband of Virginie Madeleine Dupuy and father of Doctor André Voulgre, grain merchant then owner in Mussidan.

Paternal uncle of André Voulgre: Denis André Antoine, (1868 in Saint-Antoine-sur-l’Isle – ?), son of Léonard and brother of Siméon Voulgre, military doctor, doctor attached to the French Congo study mission of 1894.

Paternal grandparents of André Voulgre : Léonard Voulgre (1836 in Ménestérol-Montignac – 1918), son of Jean Voulgre, and husband of Elisabeth Durand (1841-1870), teachers in Pizou and Gironde.

André Voulgre’s paternal great-grandparents: Jean Voulgre (1808-?) and Marie Dalidet (1816-?), owners in Ménestérol-Montignac, parents of Léonard Voulgre.

André Voulgre’s maternal grandparents: Jean Dupuy (1835-1895), husband of Jeanne Delage (1837-1937), grain merchant in Mussidan.