The Voulgre library

The lounge-library of the Carthusian monastery Voulgre, with its imposing neo-gothic fireplace, was dedicated to the « Letters » and illustrious characters of the Périgord.

The embryo of the library was acquired by Siméon Voulgre, André’s father, in the 1920s at the time of the sale of the property of Henry Cellérier, a Périgord enthusiast and secretary to Charles Maurras at the Action Française, who died for France in the fighting of September 1914.

Doctor Voulgre never stopped enriching it with works on Perigord literature or writers, the Occitan language, gastronomy, history or Perigord heritage in general. The Friends of the Museum have continued this work to build up a library of more than 4,000 books.

The curiosities of the library?

– The cherubs, 17th c., wooden sculptures from an altarpiece.

– The Bordeaux port secretary in mahogany, end of the 18th century.